Flavors of Madagascar!


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About us

Madagascar flavors are now available in Quebec and across Canada! You can see our selection of products on our welcome. We sell vanilla as an extract, as a pod or powder, pepper, lychee and spices. Freshly imported Madagascar flavours for you!

Savanil , we like to take the time to get it right! That’s why we make sure that all our products meet the highest standards of food quality, without any chemicals or preservatives

Our mission is to offer quality products, with exceptional taste and rich in vitamins! We want to help bring our customers closer to a healthier lifestyle.

We offer more than 50 high quality products imported from Madagascar in 6 categories to discover: vanilla, cocoa, lychees, moringa, peppers and various spices! Don’t hesitate, our products will satisfy all your culinary cravings!

An exceptional vanilla… Madagascar’s black vanilla is reputed to be the best in the world! Its aromas will go wonderfully with your desserts and savoury dishes.

Enjoy our Madagascar flavours now!

Flavors of Madagascar


Extract, pod, powder – seed


Tablet 70-72%, cocoa beans, eaten beans


3 épices, 6 épices & poivres/sel


Our Savanil bags

We offer you a variety of high quality spices, taste it and you will be satisfied!

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Our lychee products

The lychee is a fruit in spherical shell, its white flesh is tender and juicy.

Malagasy lychee is known for its superior fragrance to other Asian origins.

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Our Moringa products

Gluten-free – no added sugars – GMO-free – multivitamin – high in protein

Dried moringa leaves are a powerful, quality food supplement that increases energy and boosts the immune system.

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